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App Radio

Listen to your favorite music and internet radio stations with App Radio. App Radio contains numerous radio stations from home and abroad.

Dear App Radio user,

Thank you for using App Radio. We take pride in providing you the best, fastest and easiest to use internet radio app available. We are constantly improving our app. If you have any questions, suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.

App Radio key features:

  • Listen: Listen to your favorite radio station
  • Favorites: Add radio stations to your favorites by clicking the star button
  • Search: Search stations via the integrated Windows 8 Search Charm
  • Country: Order the stations by country
  • Suggest: Suggest a radio station via the settings charm (Windows 8), you can also send us an email with your requested staion.

Suggest a Station (Windows 8 only)

If you know a good radio station that you would like to see in App Radio you can use the built in "Suggest a Station" functionality. Here is how it works:

  • Open App Radio
  • Point your mouse in the right corner (or swipe from right if you have a touch enabled device)
  • Select settings
  • Select “Suggest a Station”
  • Enter the station information
  • Press Send

When we receive your suggested station we will search for the streaming URL and logo. Some stations however do not provide internet streams or do not work in certain areas and therefor it is not possible to add these stations to App Radio. Since we do receive many suggested stations it can take some time before it appears in App Radio. In order to speed up this process you can help us by providing a working streaming URL. New stations are available once a new release of App Radio is available (usually once per month).

Support the App Radio project:

App Radio is privately developed by music and software enthusiasts and provided to you free of charge. To accelerate the App Radio project we are currently looking for sponsors. We would like to add new features like pin to start, playlists, download this song etc. You can help us elevate App Radio to the next level. So if you like App Radio and you can afford a donation we most certainly appreciate it. Thank you for your support!

Having trouble using App Radio?

Common reasons why App Radio can't play radio streams:

  • No internet connection: To play any radio stream you will need a working internet connection. Also check your proxy settings.
  • No radio stations found: Are you using a company network or other public network? Chances are you're on a network which does not allow certain url's and/or firewall ports are blocked. You will have to contact your network administrator to solve this issue.
  • Specific radio station not playing:
    1. Some radio stations use specific firewall ports to broadcast their streams on. If these ports are blocked on your firewall or proxy you will not be able to listen to these stations. To solve this issue you will have to reconfigure your firewall or contact your network administrator.
    2. Some radio stations limit their streams to certain countries. If you are located in another country than where the stream is limited to you will not be able to listen to the radio station.
  • Sound is lowered or turns off when App Radio is in the background (Windows 8): Are you using Steam? try this:
    1. In Steam go to Settings
    2. Sound
    3. "push-to-talk" should be used instead of "Automatically transmit my voice when I speak"
    1. Press Windows key + X
    2. Control panel
    3. Hardware and sound
    4. Sound
    5. Communications
    6. Select "Do Nothing"
    7. Apply or OK
  • Drivers (Windows 8): If the above does not work, check your drivers. Have a look at this post.
  • Any other issues: Please contact us.

Known issues

  • App Radio disk space (Windows 8): On some computers cached data is not cleared correctly, meaning that App Radio cache will grow in size while streaming. This is a Windows issue which (currently) cannot be fixed from within App Radio since security policies do not allow direct delete access to the caching folder. However you can clear the cache folder manually: Go to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\34628NielsCup.AppRadio_kz2v1f325crd8\AC\INetCache and delete its contents. We will continue to investigate/monitor this issue and find a solution for this asap.

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